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Competitive advantage

Top quality at the lowest cost

The current economic and financial situation calls for the creation of more flexible and capable companies to adjust their budgets while maintaining quality.

Alclinical is a more efficient more competitive company, with better performance and more agile and effective processes with no added cost structure.


Flexible hiring freelancers and partner companies

Freelancers and partner companies involved in Alclinical projects have an extensive and proven experience (senior and certified personnel) and are chosen directly by the Director of Alclinical.

The commitment of collaborators is linked to the duration of the project. It is estimated that the possibility that they may decide to cancel the project contract to work as a permanent employee in a company is considerably smaller than an employee who is part of a company staff as they usually are in a consolidated phase of their career (senior staff).




Central, visible and stable Management

Alclinical Director is ultimately responsible for the project and shall not delegate management function (Project Manager or Lead CRA, as established) at any stage of the project.


Experience and commitment

The experience gained by the Director of Alclinical throughout her career, along with her deep industry knowledge and extensive and ongoing training are maximum guarantee of success.

Alclinical takes a commitment to allocate all necessary means and dedication to the project so that it is performed according to customer requirements (time, resources, quality, standards and cost).




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