The Company

Why Alclinical

Alclinical is a Project Management Company speciallising in Clinical Research. Alclinical provides the overall management of the project or independent activities to the Pharmaceutical Industry, Scientific Societies, independent researchers and CROs.

Alclinical is an organization with network structure * that consists of freelancers and partner companies (decentralized structure) and uses the information technology and communication (ICT) for their activities.


*This form of organization, whose main features are based on flexibility, knowledge and efficiency, can reduce both the structural costs such as coordination and control, in favor of a more dynamic and better adaptation to the environment in which it operates.


Services that we offer
l Overall management of clinical research projects and independent activities. Advantages we offer
l Maximum reduction of structural costs.
l Professional team specific to the particularities of each project.
l Only interlocutor throughout the project. How we communicate
l We contract freelancers and specialized companies for the development of each specific project activity under the Management of the Director of the Project. How we communicate.
l Restricted access to the shared project documentation (external server) through a VPN access. How we manage the quality
l Own working procedures and updated. How we manage security
l Essential documentation file under access control and kept in a fireproof cabinet.
l Performing daily backups of server.